World Health Organisation identifies Stress as the epidemic of the 21st Century

Stress is a word that is used widely and most of us don’t really know what it is.
With the long nights and short days of the winter have you ever been sitting in a room and without being aware of it, it suddenly became dark, you missed the gradual change until it became really dark and you needed to put the light on. I know I have.
This is what stress is like. It creeps up on you when you are doing your normal everyday things and suddenly the darkness hits as if from nowhere, but really it was starting to get dark for a good while you just didn’t notice.
There are many ways to deal with stress and if you are aware of your day becoming more of an effort and taking longer to do the things you normally do, this is an early sign.
I often talk to people who are concentrating so much on doing their work and the everyday things of family life that they are not living. Everything is automatic and you miss so much of life in this state.
Learn how to reset the stress button and make sure the light in your life is permanently on.

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