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Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The solution is to change how you think.

  • Published on January 19, 2019 Linkedin

Jo McAlister

The reason we keep doing the same thing over and over again is because we don’t realise we are doing it or we think we can’t change it. So often people tell me it is who I am, I have always been anxious, lacked confidence and even worse they believe it will never change.

As babies, we are born with two fears; falling and loud noises and these are really about survival. Anything else has been learnt and if it was learnt it can be unlearnt, with the support of a trained professional.

Often when I work with people they have images in their mind from past experiences that they allow to define who they are. These are just memories in picture form with emotions attached. Our unconscious mind, which is trying to keep us safe, alerts us when we encounter a situation which triggers an emotion connected to a past experience that we found distressing. This causes fear or anxiety and we avoid the situation.

Now this is the key part if we keep avoiding these situations nothing will change. However if we alter the image we hold of these situations in our mind then they are no longer distressing and the problem disappears. It really is this simple.

Einstein was correct in his statement but he didn’t show us how to change our behaviour.This is what I do. By changing your thinking the situation completely changes. Imagine not being fearful about speaking in public and yet that fear is just a thought in your mind. Everyday you talk to people on a one to one basis and it doesn’t cause you any problems so you know you are capable of doing it. If that fear was eliminated you would no longer have a problem.

Sometimes individuals have been behaving in a particular way for so long they don’t even realise they have a choice and often there are external factors maintaining this behaviour. This is why you need someone skilled in this area to uncover the underlying reasons for why this behaviour is there and take you safely through the process of changing

Anxiety, stress and depression are symptoms of an individual responding to life in a particular way when really they need to let go of the thoughts and past experiences that are causing them to feel this way.

Is it not time you took back control of your life and really started to live?

Imagine what your life could look like, have you not wasted enough time, make a change now.

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