Brain training to reduce stress

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people who are all working as Senior Executives or running their own business.

When you appreciate the amount of work and organisation these positions can create the last thing you want is to be dealing with stress.

What do I mean? Stress comes from a thought that I can’t do this, people are going to realise that I can’t do this, what are people going to think when I make a mess of this, everyone else seems so competent and together.

To those of you who say I don’t have any of those feelings but am stressed by the amount of work I have to get through, how do individuals successfully run Multinational Companies?

The answer is how they think.

We have all have a certain amount of time in our day, 24 hours to be exact, and a certain amount of energy, when you are fighting feelings of stress or anxiety it takes a lot of that energy to deal with these feelings, energy that you are not putting into your work or business and tasks take longer than they should.

Today we spend a lot of money on our appearance, on the correct type of food to provide us with the best nutrition and we exercise to keep our bodies healthy.

What about our brain, the single most important part that runs every other part of our bodies. It is thoughts that generate our feelings and determine how we function in life.

If you could update your thinking to remove the thoughts that aren’t working for you any more would you do it?

This is what a mindset coach does. Imagine the difference if you didn’t worry or feel anxious about your work and just did it, wouldn’t life be so much easier. The truth is we are making it more difficult than it needs to be because we don’t realise we can change our thinking.

If you keep thinking the same way you will continue to feel as you do now. Choose to change.

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